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Starting a bakery
from the ground up.


The Crusty Cottage Bakery Counter - my bakery

It can be done! It has been done many times by different folks. Me included!

Building a bakery from the ground up is, I think, easier than having to remodel a bakery. Even though the steps are pretty much the same.

The bakery in this page is the bakery I built from scratch.

The building was in a deplorable state. A vacumm shop had used it prior to us and they did NOT take care of anything.

The electrical wiring was lying in pools of rubber coating bare as a new born baby. The toilets were totally unhealthy, chipped and stained, as well as two completely exposed and open pipes.

The roof leaked all over the place!

The flooring was a mismatch of red tile, concrete, filthy stinking carpeting and piles of dust all over and there were three partitioning walls, in a variety of states of dis-repair as well as exposed plumbing drains.

Everything had to be gutted!

Everything had to be gutted AND rebuilt in less than eight weeks, or loose the entire Christmas trade.

How much did it cost to start a bakery?

Well the plumbing alone was $8500.00 and was two thousand over budget, the electrical work over $6000, the flooring took a week to be laid, also over time allowed. The air conditioning $6500 a $1000 over budget. The walls and plastering well over $4000. Moving expenses over $1000. Rebuilding the oven over $4000. By the time we were finished we had spent over $60.000.


Thanks to my employee's myself and the contractors, whom without; nothing could have been acheived!

How to start a bakery can help you acheive your goals, but of course there are no guarantees in life except death and taxes.

How to start a bakery can help you to start your own bakery business. I believe this!

You have to believe in yourself and get on with starting your business.

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