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Have you got questions on
How To Start A Bakery Business...

... Of course you have!

Is there something you can do about it,
perhaps not much
Till NOW!

I should like to offer you a way of getting to
your goal of owning your own bakery that much sooner.

  • You have questions on how to start a bakery. 
  • Maybe you just want to know how much money you need to start a bakery. 
  • Maybe you have an idea to start your bakery business at home. 
  • Or want to know about licenses.
  • Where to get equipment.
  • Or you might want to know what ingredients you need to start with.

So why not get your question answered, and to that end I am going to try an answer your questions in real time and in person.

Now of course there are going to be litterally hundreds of people wanting to speak to me personally and as much as I should like to personally speak to everyone who wants to start a bakery, IT just isn't going to happen.

So somewhere along the line I have to set some criteria for answering those questions.

If I were, or you were to use the telephone lines the costs could be astronomical. But there is a way we can chat by using the Internet, after all we are on here already looking for solutions to the problem we each share of starting a bakery.

So here's what I want you to do...

... go on over to skype and download the free Internet telephone connection software and install it on your computer. (It works on both PC and Apple i'm told).

After you have installed the software and chosen a telephone name for yourself, you will need to have a speaker and headset connected to your computer. Now most people already have those.

Choose a name like MsCupCake or MrDonut or something like that. Mine is MrCrusty53.

You will need to register in my contact form below here on this page.

Enter your first and last name along with your skype name (NO REAL landline telephone numbers unless you pay for the call).

Enter your most pressing question and the best time to call. Please be aware that the world is a big place and time zones in your part of the world will very likely be totally different from mine. My time zone is GMT minus 8 hours. or Pacific Standard Time.


... once you have completed the above I will send you a request to chat and a time I am free to call, and at that time I will chat with you for 15 minutes for free!

You can chat online to me personally to try and answer your most problematic question.

Your two questions will then be entered into our FAQ section for all to read, which then should help to assist many more people than what I might personally get to speak too.

One other concern I have is that I am limited to speaking English.

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Click here to start a bakery now.

You have to believe in yourself and get on with starting your business.


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