How to run a bakery coffee shop

As with any and all business, there is a method to setting up and operating a business. 

It doesn't matter what business you want to start.

How to run a bakery coffee shop is like any business, it starts with a business plan.

Your title of this business plan has already been defined by your question. 

"How to run a bakery/coffee shop"?

Now you need to expand on the topics.

There are three topics here...

  • How to?
  • How to run a bakery?
  • How to run a coffee shop?

The first "how to" is related to the business plan. This one needs to collect all the data on your thoughts for this how to run a bakery coffee shop question.

Go visit other coffee shops, ask them questions. Some will answer your questions, some will not. Some might not even know what you are talking about, because they are the hired help.

Next go visit the bakeries around your area, especially those bakeries that also have coffee shops.

Look at what products the bakery makes. Sit and have a coffee and watch the customers for a while. See if those customers actually purchase a coffee and sit in the store and eat a product.

If you are out of your own area, ask the store owner if they might offer you a few pointers on how to run a bakery coffee shop. One question you should ask these people is how did they get started, or how did they learn to run a bakery coffee shop,

Business owner are often more than willing to give you information if they can believe you are not going to be in direct competition with them. That means you are out of the same area.

You will also need to ask them what percentage of their business is coffee and what is the percentage of bakery products.

A typical average in a donut coffee shop, the percentage is 80 percent coffee and twenty percent donuts.

According to some statisics, donuts are second only to the potato.

In a bakery coffee shop that percentage is very likely to be opposite, but these number too could change depending upon how many other coffee places there are around your location.


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