How To Start A Cake Shop


Starting a bakery business is one of your greatest idea's.

There are over 30 million people currently working from their homes,
and by 2015 it is estimated to increase to 97 million people.

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Did you realize that owning a small business is a real trend in America today?

Though your specific business may be different than all the competition, one thing is consistent across all small businesses, the tax deductions for which you are eligible.

Every business is going to be different. As a result there is no one answer to your costs.

Since the question is How to start a cake shop, i take it that is going to be a bricks & mortar business. In other words you will aquire some kind of premises to lease or own.

In this situation your costs will be very much different from a home business. It also means that you will be perceived as a real business, (not that a home business is not a real business, it's just people's perceptions).

Once you have a business plan you can follow that path from which you have planned. Your building will have to be inspected and have all the proper legal authorities sign off on it.

You get these from your local offices which you can find out where they are. A place to start is the town hall, city hall or chamber of commerce

The machines you need, as wel as the size of those machines, will be those that you need to do your particular type of bakery, though much of what you need is bordering on a full bakery operation.

You will definately require pans to bake things with and again your pans will be those that you have built your business plan around. You will require some means of presenting your products to the customer. How you will do that is in your business plan. The eBook "How to start a bakery " has a list of items usually found in several types of bakery.

If you plan on using your own household oven your cost will be the power you use to heat that oven. Every time you open the door to either put something in, or take it out, you will loose a considerable amount of heat. It would be better to get a commercial oven where the oven is better insulated and designed. Now you are talking much more money and you also get into structure regulations of the home.

A home mixer is good for the home but the warranty will be void the minute you use it to make money with in a business. Then there is the hydro used. This too will likely be at a higher or lower rate depending on your power company.

Baking pans for the home are ok for light use, but heavy use of the business could cause them to warp out of shape. Causing your product to be lop-sided or burn and unprofessional.

The scale to weigh up your ingredients needs to be one that is calibrated for business. Your spring loaded scale will be useless and inaccurate. Giving you inconsistant quality control.

Your mixing bowls might be pocelain and perfect for home use, but not hygienic enough for business use. They chip very easily.

A wooden mixing spoon is OK to give your youngster watching with drooling tongue in a home, but CAN be absolutely lethal as a home business.

Your sink where you wash your dishes. First of all it isn't big enough and secondly too many people spit and wash their hands in that same sink. A TOTALLY unhealthy practice and the water may not even be hot enough either.

Checking with you local authority in your state, province or country for their rules on home based business should be your very first thing to check out.

City hall is a good place to start. The Chamber of Commerce is another place to check, if you have one in your location. Maybe even your local unemployment office is another check point. They might even have a way to assist financially too.

Then work on your business plan!


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